Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency seeks members to join Valley segment advisory committee

Banks, Oregon – The Salmonberry Trail Intergovernmental Agency (STIA) is seeking 10-15 local community members to form the Valley Segment Planning Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee. The committee will advise the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), Washington County, and the Washington County Visitor’s Association (WCVA) on all matters related to the development of the Salmonberry Trail within Washington County.

According to ODF Forest Grove District Forester Mike Cafferatta, the STIA is looking for residents and business owners from Banks, Buxton, Manning, Timber, Forest Grove, North Plains, Hillsboro, and surrounding communities or individuals who have a strong interest in the development of the trail.

To qualify for the one year term starting in January 2018, potential members must also have good communication skills, commit to attending up to five 2-hour meetings that will most likely be held during the evening in the city of Banks, do committee work, contribute positively and constructively, and act as a liaison to organizations they may represent.

The STIA will intentionally select members who have a diversity of perspectives. Preference will be given to applicants who:

  • Exhibit a commitment to the successful development of the Salmonberry Trail
  • Demonstrate an understanding of trail design issues
  • Contribute to demographic diversity on the committee
  • Contribute to geographic diversity on the committee
  • Contribute to a diversity of trail-related perspectives on the committee, such as any combination of the following demonstrated interests/perspectives:
    • Commercial/ business/ economic development knowledge
    • Adjacent landowner and/or local community member
    • Disability experience/ awareness of the different ways people “recreate”
    • Safety advocacy
    • Social or racial justice experience
    • Recreational user (such as leisure walking, running/ jogging, cycling, horse riding)
    • Children/ education/ youth engagement
    • Service to vulnerable communities or underserved populations

Applications will be accepted through December 10. An online form to submit your application can be found here.

Sources and more information: 

Mike Cafferatta, Forest Grove District Forester
Application form